Since 1898, Peugeot Cycles designs and develops its bicycles on the basis of unique know-how. With particular attention to aesthetics, safety and technological innovation, the brand is looking for new ecological mobility solutions.
The requirement is at the heart of the values ​​of the Peugeot brand. From its origins to the present day the brand has been able to highlight more than a century of experience to build its reputation, thanks to a constantly renewed demand for the design of bicycles: the choice of materials combining efficiency and safety, at design of innovative frames, or the selection of the best equipment, nothing is left to chance. Proud of its origins, the Peugeot Cycles brand capitalizes on 130 years of experience to offer innovative new mobility solutions.

For more than two centuries, Peugeot has been striving to constantly renew itself by combining high standards and emotion to find innovative mobility solutions. Inspired by the passion of driving, the authenticity of its roots and the creative ambition, the brand delivers, more than products, an experience. By combining technological prowess and passion, Peugeot has shared with you for over 200 years a history written with excellence and emotion.

On the occasion of 200 years of the brand, Peugeot has a new line of style, which can be found in both the automobile and the bikes, designed by Peugeot stylists. Thus, this brand-specific alchemy, which skilfully combines demand and emotion, expresses itself in style through products with an athletic look and a refined and sensual style. Thus the brand once again affirms its creative ambition in the realization of dynamic and elegant bikes that invite to dream and escape.