A unique and tailored postural study to improve your cycling performance

A postural study integrating the physical and dynamic evaluation of the cyclist,
Adjustment of the bike and analysis of the points of contact between the body of the cyclist and his bicycle.
To discover from our certified BikeFitting Technician. You will identify with him your ideal position on your bike.

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The Bikefiting postural study takes place in 5 stages

Your postural study in Beaumes-de-Venise begins with a preliminary interview in order to know you better and your practice. Following this first step, a physical assessment of your morphological characteristics is carried out. This will allow you to carry out the dynamic analysis on the bike, where our experts optimise the settings of your bike. The whole thing is controlled later by a follow-up appointment.

Step1: Prior Maintenance

This interview, carried out by our expert trained in the method in store, aims to learn about your cycling practice (intensive or occasional), your performance, your problems (pain and pathologies) but also your goals: improvement of Your comfort, your performance or treat an annoyance. In any case, whatever your objectives, the improvement of your comfort allows you a better management of the effort, eventually leading to more performance.

Step 2: Physical evaluation

In this step, your expert assesses your morphological characteristics by observing and taking manual measurement.

Step 3: Dynamic analysis on the bike

At this stage your expert lists all the current settings of your bike (saddle height, saddle recoil, reach, drop…) so that you can adjust them in the next step.

Step 4: Adjusting the bike

After analyzing your posture, your balance, your flexibility, as well as the characteristics of your bike, comes the most important step, that of optimising your bike. The BG Fit analyzes more accurately than any other postural study the angulations and the potential inequalities left/right of the individual members.

The goal is to optimize your position on your bike, step by step, making adjustments to it.

Step 5: The balance sheet time

Once the posture study is completed, a follow-up appointment will be planned with the expert who has accompanied you along this BG Fit to exchange your impressions and possibly refine the settings again. These indications may seem simple, but making the right adjustments on your bike ensures you more performance and enjoyment.

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