Every story has its beginning and here is ours. We are in 1986 in France, in Nevers, Mr. Cattin and many passionate craftsmen, with unique know-how, found the TIME house and invent together the first automatic road pedal. For more than 30 years, we have been guided by perpetual research. perfection, innovation and high-end. Discover our universe and the stories that have shaped us and make today TIME the reference of French know-how.

Our history is marked by great champions. We grew up with global figures of cycling such as Tom Boonen, Laurent Fignon, Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle, Pedro Delgado, Jeannie Longo, Miguel Indurain, Julien Absalon Julie Bresset, and many others. It is with them that we have experienced our strongest emotions, that we have forged and affirmed our high-end brand identity in the cycling market.

We design our bikes in France, by our care, thanks to the exceptional know-how. of our teams. Our frames are exceptional objects. They are made from a unique technology, TIME’s own Resin Transfer Molding, which no other producer uses. The result is a unique sensation on our products, as well as great reliability. Every day we work to achieve our ultimate goal of perfection.

At TIME, we have always felt that performance and comfort are inseparable. Every innovation on our products is imagined to stretch a little more every day towards this equation. Thus the principle of bioperformance is born: to propose products that adapt fully to the movements of the human body to transform the effort into power and pedaling efficiency.

We wish to offer to all cycling enthusiasts of all ages, a man or a woman, looking for performance or leisure practice, who value product quality, an exceptional cycling experience.